Which Hunting Rifle Has the Least Recoil?

It's efficient, has a moderate recoil and uses less dust than its older brother, the. Recoil is the force of a weapon that pushes backwards against the shooter when a bullet is fired. It is commonly referred to as a “kick” of a gun. More recoil is created when using more powerful gunpowder charges and lighter firearms.

The doctor's words echoed in my mind almost as loudly as the explosion of the hand grenade that had fallen too close almost forty years earlier. "Bill," he said, "I know you like to hunt, but it's time to put down the big guns." I had just had surgery on my right arm for extensive nerve damage and was facing weeks of painful therapy sessions. Welcome to the Answers section of Outdoor Life. Here you'll find hunting, fishing and survival tips from the editors of Outdoor Life, as well as recommendations from readers like you.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ for information on posting and navigating the forums. The ultimate satisfaction of deer hunting in my last quarter of a century of life has become the great oratory praises of those silver-haired sexagenarians who, for six decades, have sharpened their shooting skills and have gained absolute control of their nerves to the point that they no longer need the Great Calibers heavy-duty caliber that kicks like a mule from the less experienced deer hunter. Relief for sore shoulders and joints is immediately recognizable to aging deer hunters when recoil rifles are reduced in size from 25 pounds to those with half the kick. Jim, Your posts and YT are so accessible that someone like me who has never hunted wants to hunt even more.

The straight-walled cartridge was developed with those states in which traditional central fires are not allowed in mind, but its mix of low-recoil appeal has quickly brought in all types of deer hunters. After firing many different rifles and cartridges, I have found that the recoil speed number accurately predicts how much pain you will feel, and the recoil energy predicts how much you will be shaken back and thrown out of your target in the scope. I have been conducting an extended field test of rifles on 6.5 Creedmoor for the past few years and have shot numerous mule deer, whitetail and pigs (and an unfortunate coyote) with bullets using the Hornady 143 gr. Winchester offers the XPR bolt action rifle in 350 Legend, and Mossberg also houses the Patriot Synthetic and Patriot Synthetic Super Bantam in the cartridge.

Of course, some of these non-22 states are states that only use shotguns or, at most, allow the use of straight-walled cartridges to hunt deer. Specialized long-range bullets were not used for this test, as they are unnecessary for most hunting situations. It expands the effective ranges of several other rounds on this list, offering potential for Beanfield and Western hunters. In military attire, the cartridge had some shortcomings and was ultimately not adopted, but with the continuous adjustment of the cartridge and rifle chambers, the round has steadily gained popularity and is now a favorite of those who prefer to hunt with AR platform guns.

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