Where Should Hunters Aim to Shoot Animals Humanely?

The most effective way to humanely take down an animal is to target the vital organs, such as the heart and lungs, located in the chest cavity behind the front shoulder. This area is known as the “vital signs” and provides the best chance of a clean death and an easy recovery. For hunters using a bow or crossbow with larger animals, it's the only vital zone an arrow will reliably penetrate. If you're hunting with a gun, you should practice how to do follow-up shots quickly when shooting at the target.

The goal of any hunter should be to hit the animal in the ideal place for the bullet to enter the body, destroy internal vital systems, and exit the body. Neck shooting is also an option for experienced hunters, as it contains many vital signs including the spine, major vessels leading to the brain, and the wind pipe. When hunting, it's important to consider your environment and strategy. Contributor Mike Roux highlights some important summer practices for deer hunters looking for a successful fall season.

Additionally, wetlands purchased and improved with state and federal waterbird stamp revenues and contributions from game conservation organizations provide a great opportunity for hunters and wildlife observers alike. Finally, Minnesota hunters fund nearly all of the Department of Natural Resources' acquisition of habitat and wildlife research with their licensing rights and a federal consumption tax on hunting equipment. This helps ensure that future generations can enjoy hunting and observing wildlife in their natural habitats.

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