What Hunting Season is it in Virginia?

Are you looking to hunt in Virginia? If so, you need to know the different hunting seasons and regulations that apply. In Virginia, there are different seasons for hunting deer with archery weapons and with muzzles. There are also special regulations for hunting moose, waterfowl, and other birds. To hunt deer with archery weapons, the season is divided into early (October 7 to November 1) and late (different times from December to April) seasons.

When hunting deer with muzzles, all legal weapons are allowed, including bows, crossbows, muzzle magazines, pistols, shotguns and rifles. When hunting waterfowl, a non-toxic shot is required in addition to a HIP registration number, a federal migratory duck seal and a Virginia migratory waterbird conservation seal (unless exempt from a license). Waterfowl hunting in the Mattaponi Wildlife Management Area is only allowed Oct. 8-11 and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays during duck and goose season.

Bait is not allowed in any area where hunters attempt to bring them. For moose hunting, all applicants who obtain a special Virginia moose hunting license must read and recognize the “Moose Hunting Considerations” before starting their hunt. Moose hunters 15 years of age or younger or holders of an apprentice hunting license must be accompanied and supervised directly by an adult who has a valid Virginia hunting license or is exempt from purchasing a hunting license. In addition, the court judging the case will revoke your privilege to hunt or trap a person convicted of rape for the second time within three years of a previous conviction.

Immediately at the time and place of the slaughter, successful permit holders must cancel their swan hunting permit by permanently recording the month and day of the slaughter and attaching the permit to the swan as instructed. Virginia has specific regulations for hunting deer, waterfowl, and moose that must be followed in order to hunt legally. Knowing these regulations will help ensure that you have a safe and successful hunt.

Dorothy Magni
Dorothy Magni

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