Hunting in New York: What You Need to Know

New York State is a paradise for hunters, offering a wide variety of game and breathtaking scenery. From white-tailed deer to coyotes, there's something for everyone. But before you head out on your next hunting trip, it's important to know the rules and regulations. Here's what you need to know about hunting in New York. The most popular game animals in New York are white-tailed deer and black bears.

During regular and archery seasons, hunters can pursue these animals as well as other species such as wild turkeys, waterfowl, and coyotes. The state also offers a muzzle-loading season for white-tailed deer. In addition to the big game animals, there are several species of small game that can be legally hunted in New York. These include pheasants, squirrels (fox, black and gray), grouse, American woodcock, cotton-tailed rabbit, variegated hare (snowshoes), white quail, waterfowl, Canada geese, snow geese, blue bastard, mallard, mallard duck, common duck water chickens, black duck American, sea ducks, and more.

Fur carriers such as coyote, red fox, lynx, raccoon, gray fox, weasel, mink, possum, skunk and muskrat can also be hunted in the state. When planning your hunting trip to New York State it's important to have up-to-date information on the season dates and regulations. The FarWide app is a great resource for hunters looking for information on licenses, tools and equipment needed for hunting in the state. You can also connect with local hunters through FarWide Feed for first-hand advice and experiences. New York hunting seasons offer deer, black bear, wild turkey and small game bagging opportunities for both resident and non-resident hunters. Different locations have different rules when it comes to firearms and bow hunting so it's important to check the regulations before you go.

If you're not sure where to start consider a guided hunting trip with an experienced Adirondack hunting guide. More than 85 percent of the land in New York is privately owned so it's important to be aware of the rules when hunting on private property. The state has recently reduced licensing fees and opened additional state lands for hunting so now is a great time to plan your next hunting adventure. The following table explains snout loading, bow hunting and regular hunting seasons in New York for black bear and white-tailed deer:

AnimalMuzzleloader SeasonBow Hunting SeasonRegular Hunting Season
Black BearSept. 28 - Oct. 11Oct.

12 - Dec. 6

Dec. 7 - Dec. 20
White-tailed DeerOct.

19 - Nov. 29

Oct. 1 - Nov. 14 & Dec.


Nov. 15 - Dec 6 & Dec 21 - Dec 31
Hunters under 12 don't need a license because they're not allowed to hunt anyway so leave them at home or ask them to carry your cooler for you! There are usually no bag limits for these animals which means you can hunt as much as you want during the open season.

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