Is hunter tylo returning to bold?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the soap opera did approach Hunter Tylo to reprise the role, but she declined. According to Entertainment Weekly, CBS apparently contacted Hunter Tylo to reprise her role as Taylor, but couldn't convince the actress to return. With Tylo not responding to their requests, the show's producers decided to cast for the role. Since Tylo turned down CBS's offer, it looks like Allen is here to stay.

While Taylor was out of the show, the characters talked about her being away on a mission trip, via TVLine. His presence was kept alive by his children, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), and occasionally reference was made to his memorable rivalry with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) over Ridge. Krista Allen (pictured above right) has been chosen as the new Dr. Taylor Hayes, the psychiatrist who fell in love with Ridge Forrester, and will make her debut in “The Bold and the Beautiful” in December.

Fans have been clamoring for Taylor's return for years, as important moments in her children's lives spent with their mother was noticeably absent and without much explanation as to why. According to Entertainment Weekly, which first reported the news that Allen was taking on the role of Dr. Taylor Hayes from Tylo, “The Bold and the Beautiful contacted Tylo “to reprise the role, but it was unsuccessful. Taylor managed to escape and returned to California where she posed as a British nurse caring for a temporarily blinded Ridge before finally revealing herself.

Hunter's performance in B%26B, in my opinion, really lacked in the last few years he was under contract with the telenovela. I miss Miss Tylo as Taylor and hope that the absence of an actor and character can allow the writers to return the character to the strong, assertive and positive woman Taylor once was. After rumors began this week that none other than Hunter Tylo would make a guest visit to CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful as Taylor Hayes next month, news broke today from the popular star's official Facebook page that news of a return is false right now. Spoilers and updates for The Bold and the Beautiful make fun of many fans wondering what happened to Hunter Tylo and why he wasn't asked to reprise his role as Taylor Hayes.

Tylo originated the role in 1990, with Taylor fighting Katherine Kelly Lang's Brooke Logan for the affections of Ridge Forrester, played by Ronn Moss and later Thorsten Kaye. In addition, the season will be based on classic stories with appearances by fan favorites and more intrigue and family drama for the iconic characters of the city of Genoa.

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