The Cruel Reality of Hunting Animals

Hunting has been a part of human culture for centuries, but the way we hunt animals today is far from humane. Nowadays, hunters often kill animals with rifles, although in some countries it has been a tradition to hunt certain animals with dogs that not only help catch but also kill prey. In other cases, victims are hunted with bows and arrows, or even with spears.


poses many welfare risks, such as injury, pain and distress, especially for a species such as deer, since they are very sensitive and easily panic if disturbed.

The most humane way to kill a deer is not to alarm or chase it and use a firearm for a precise shot to the head that causes instant death. Early hunting for sport was for the rulers and their nobles, those who had the most leisure and wealth. In ancient Egypt, hunters constituted a social class; they hunted on their own and attended the hunt for nobles. They hunted in open deserts on both sides of the Nile Valley and sometimes animals were taken to closed reserves to be hunted there. The animals hunted included gazelle, antelope (oryx), deer, wild oxen, Barbary sheep and hare; the ostrich for its feathers; and the fox, jackal, wolf, hyena and leopard for their skins or as enemies of the farmer. The hunters used the net, the rope, the arrow and the dart.

The lion was occasionally trained to hunt. Later, hunters occasionally rode a cart or on horseback. Every year, hundreds of thousands of wild animals in the U. S.

UU. And all over the world they die hunting for trophies. Hunters' main motivation is not to get food, but simply to obtain animal parts (heads, hides or claws and even the entire animal) to display them. Trophy hunters use cruel and unsporting methods, such as bait and harassment, to attack native carnivores such as bears, mountain lions.

They shoot animals on captive hunts (where hunters chase animals that can't escape) and participate in horrible wild animal killing contests that attack lynxes, coyotes, foxes and.

Trophy Hunters Killed

. Now their descendants are in danger. They currently allow cruel and unsporting wildlife killing contests. Currently Allowing Black Bear Trophy Hunting in the U.

Hundreds of Thousands of Wild Animals in the U. And all over the world die every year just for a trophy. Hunting within agricultural systems served to kill animals that take advantage of domestic and wild animals or to try to extirpate animals seen by humans as competition for resources such as water or fodder. As the theory of “expensive signaling” suggests, the animal is a mere accessory in a story about hunters so they can point out its state and physical state in a photo which is a reconstruction in memory of the hunt itself. Hunting was a crucial component of hunter-gatherer societies before the domestication of livestock and the dawn of agriculture which began some 11000 years ago in some parts of the world. Thousands of these hunters quickly wiped out bison herds raising the population from several million in the early 19th century to a few hundred in the 1880s. Local hunting clubs and national organizations provide education to hunters and help protect the future of the sport by purchasing land for use in future hunting.

Dogs allow humans to chase and kill prey that would otherwise be very difficult or dangerous to hunt. Rapid killings are rare and many animals suffer prolonged and painful deaths when hunters seriously injure them but do not kill them. Trophy hunting is the selective search and killing of wild game animals to take trophies for their personal collection show off or as a status symbol. While the average photo tourist may seek luxury accommodations the average safari hunter usually stays in tent camps. The RSPCA opposes recreational hunting or the act of stalking or chasing an animal and then killing it for sport due to the inherent and inevitable pain and suffering caused. In Tanzania it is estimated that a safari hunter spends between fifty and one hundred times more than the average ecotourist. Hunters of protected species require a hunting license in every state which is sometimes a prerequisite for completing a hunting safety course.

Hunting might have been necessary for human survival in prehistoric times but today most hunters stalk and kill animals simply out of the thrill of doing so not out of necessity. Britain's colonization of these regions gave British sport hunters access to these species which were hunted to a large extent almost to the point of extinction.

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