Can Hunting Horn Cut Tails in Monster Hunter Rise?

Hunting Horns are a powerful weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, but they don't have the same cutting power as other weapons. The Sound Jewel, which grants the Horn Master ability, will extend the duration of your upgrade effects. These tickets are primarily earned through rotating event missions, including various collaboration events, seasonal festivals, or arch-tempered hunting missions. If built with the right skills and magnification, hunters can easily compensate for their -30% affinity increase and improve their purple sharpness.

Working together with other hunters is a great way to make sure you have sharp and blunt weapons available during a hunt. If you review your hunter's notes, it will tell you what parts of the monster you can break and if the tail is separable or not. In its most evolved form, Rampage's Agitato V, this hunting horn achieves a more than respectable level of gross damage. Hunters collect and craft these upgrades to improve their equipment and performance on the field.

Cutting Glavenus' tail should be a priority for any hunting group, especially if you want to reduce the range of their attacks. You can cut the tail with BOOMERANGS or melee blows with a bow or even with the striking movement of the Hunting Horn grip if you are determined enough. When you fight the gigantic monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, your main objective, beyond defeating them, is to obtain the precious parts. You can always refer to the Hunter's Notes to investigate the general possibilities of certain monster parts dropping from a creature.

Rajang Tail: Field Locations Rajang Tail can be obtained at locations marked with a circle (). In Monster Hunter Rise, you can pick up the note by simply pressing the designated button and aligning 2 of the same notes on which the self-improvement tune will automatically play. If you're trying to cut off a monster's tail, you'll want to use a weapon that specializes in severe damage.

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