Can hunting horn cut tails?

If you need queues, you can do research for that monster and have it as a possible reward. The hunting horn in the past was capable of cutting tails and, as Puzzlefox said, could work here. Weapons such as hammers and hunting horns cause a type of blunt damage. They make very strong hits and batting damage that can break parts of difficult monsters.

In previous games, the hunting horn had a small stab attack that could cut limbs (back+attack after any initial attack). Also in the third, the forward stab (made by pressing Select) can cut a tail; as seen in this video. Starting with Portable 3rd, damage formulas have been changed and the Hunting Horn deals more sustained damage than the hammer. Even the attacks that both seem to share, such as the Superlibra (Triangle+Circle), were weaker in the Hunting Horn.

The punch of the grip (I can't remember its real name) is to cut the damage, so it's theoretically possible to cut tails, but I can't imagine that it would be anywhere near efficient and, depending on the bug, almost impossible. The hunting horn (Shuryōbue) is a weapon that was first introduced in the second generation of the Monster Hunter series. Cut (cut) damage is done by swords in Monster Hunter World, which is most of the weapons in the game. Some monsters have brittle tails that need blunt weapon damage, but most monster tails in MHW can be cut with cut damage.

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